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CSR Social Activities

Social Activities

We defined our commitment to stakeholders in our corporate philosophy and undertake business activities based on this commitment to fulfil our social responsibilities, with the aim of continuing to be trusted by customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

  • CSR at Toyota Boshoku

    We aim to enhance economic value by pursuing sustainable growth, the kind of growth we strive for, and will return the benefits we gain to our stakeholders. At the same time, we seek to enhance our corporate value on a mid-to-long term basis, meet the expectations of our stakeholders and contribute to the advancement of society through investment in sustainable growth.

  • Report on CSR Performance Indicators

    The Toyota Boshoku group constantly reviews management indicators in an effort to improve CSR activities so that our various corporate activities lead to enhancement of corporate value.

  • Together with Customers

    Aiming to be a supplier that is trusted and chosen by customers, Toyota Boshoku will make the most of accumulated manufacturing strengths and put them into effect on a global scale in order to improve quality. Our mission is to provide attractive products that move and excite our customers by taking their perspective and standpoint.

  • Together with Shareholders and Investors

    The Toyota Boshoku group actively promotes efforts to disclose information and communicate in an appropriate and timely manner in addition to striving to enhance corporate value so as to earn the trust and support of shareholders and investors.

  • Together with Company Members

    As stated in our Vision, Toyota Boshoku’s desired status is to have “resourceful and multitalented human resources drawn by the appeal of the Toyota Boshoku group, with members working vibrantly in all regions worldwide.” We promote efforts to create a workplace in which all members in the Toyota Boshoku group feel that they are part of “One Team” and can work with pride and dreams, and enjoy their job. The Toyota Boshoku group aims to grow toward our goal of enhancing corporate value together with all company members.

  • Together with Suppliers

    Using fair and equitable procedures, the Toyota Boshoku group purchases raw materials, parts and equipment from a large number of suppliers throughout the world based on our basic purchasing policy. Together, we will grow by putting into practice the spirit of a win-win relationship while fulfilling our social responsibilities in the supply chain with the aim of enhancing corporate value.

  • Social Contribution

    Based on our corporate philosophy in which we will promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we will strive to enhance corporate value and contribute to social value by distributing economic value to society.

Toyota Boshoku Report

Our Annual Report and Environmental and Social Report have been combined into the Toyota Boshoku Report.

Toyota Boshoku Report 2019 (PDF:7,422KB)

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