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CSR Social Activities

Social Contribution

Basic stance

Based on our corporate philosophy in which we will promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we will strive to enhance corporate value and contribute to social value by distributing economic value to society.

Three core areas of our social contribution activities

The Toyota Boshoku group strives to make a contribution to society, with active member participation as the driving force behind our activities in three core areas, namely activities with local communities, environmental activities and fostering youth through education, aimed at meeting the expectations of stakeholders.

Three core areas

Three core areas

Highlights of initiatives in fiscal 2019

10th Anniversary Activities for the Eco-Forest of Toyota Boshoku Group in Kashimo

In 2018, Toyota Boshoku celebrated its 10th anniversary for the activities, which began in 2008. A total of 60 different activities have been implemented in the Kashimo region of Gifu Prefecture during that 10-year period, with around 2,700 Toyota Boshoku group members and their families participating. Core activities revolve around reforestation, forest maintenance and development with the events designed for a fun family time such as parent and child craft lessons using thinned wood and experience making local seasonal cuisine. Along with the forest restoration activities, we seek to deepen interaction with the local community through such means as inviting people to company events and helping to develop and educate the youth through plant tours and dispatch lessons. We have run around 90 community-based events over the decade that more than 14,000 people have taken part in.
Our reforestation efforts have now developed into activities that connect company and community. We will continue such activities going forward with a focus on enhancing and expanding the programs.

Receiving a letter of appreciation from Gifu Prefecture, where Kashimo is situated
Receiving a letter of appreciation from Gifu Prefecture, where Kashimo is situated
Participants in reforestation activities
Participants in reforestation activities

Participation in School Construction in a Minority Region in the Central Mountains of Vietnam

The Toyota Boshoku Managers' Association took part in a project supporting a preschool educational facility in Vietnam being promoted by Plan International Japan.
The project was in an area inhabited by an ethnic minority in a mountainous region in central Vietnam that also straddles Laos. The establishment of preschool facilities was delayed in the region due to the need for classroom construction and lunch facilities. As part of the project, work was done to build classrooms, a cooking area, adjoining bathroom facilities and a storeroom, establish an electricity and ventilation system, and supply cookware. This served to improve the learning environment by making it safer and more pleasant for the children attending in addition to ensuring more hygienic food preparation.

Programs for Interaction with Children with Down's Syndrome

Since 2000, Toyota Boshoku has continued to conduct community-based activities in collaboration with Angel, an association for children with Down's Syndrome and other chromosome-related disabilities, student groups and Toyota City, furthering interactions in 2018 with boating cruises, barbeques and karaoke sessions. We plan to keep these activities up to raise awareness of social welfare among employees and promote more exchange.